Metabolic Therapies and Mental Health

Metabolic Mindâ„¢ is a non-profit initiative providing education and resources in the emerging field of metabolic psychiatry. Our goal is to help revolutionize treatment of mental disorders through the adoption of metabolic therapies. We explore science and lived experience to highlight the connection between metabolic and mental health.

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Metabolic therapies- for mental health

An emerging understanding of mental disorders as resulting from metabolic dysfunctions in the brain is changing paradigms for treating psychiatric conditions. At Metabolic Mind, we explore this important connection as well as growing evidence that metabolic therapies, like ketogenic diets, may help reduce or even eliminate symptoms of psychiatric illness.

metabolic psychiatry improving mental health depicted by abstract image of brain

Metabolic Psychiatry – Our Experience

Metabolic Mind was started by Roblox Founder and CEO, David Baszucki, and his wife, author Jan Ellison Baszucki, after their son, Matthew, recovered from a serious mental illness. In the following video, Jan, David and Matt share their story of sending bipolar disorder into remission using a ketogenic metabolic therapy–a treatment with over 100 years of evidence of efficacy in epilepsy. In addition, experts in the emerging fields of metabolic psychiatry and metabolic neuroscience discuss new approaches to understanding and treating mental disorders.

In the following video, Dr. Bret Scher describes more about the mission of Metabolic Mind and the connection between metabolic and mental health.

Dr. Bret Scher explains how metabolic therapies including ketogenic diet, can affect a wide variety of mental health disorders in positive ways.

As the evidence base and clinical expertise grow, we hope metabolic interventions like ketogenic diet will be used to treat not only serious mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and major depressive disorder, but other conditions like binge eating disorder, alcohol use disorder, migraine, ADHD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, dementia and more. Learn more about metabolic and ketogenic therapies and how they may be able to help you improve your mental health.

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