Additional Resources

Sample Labs to Request Before Keto

Labs are a great way to gain insight into your health. Before starting Ketogenic Therapy, it is important to request labs that will allow you to track any changes to your health and identify any pre-existing conditions. Utilize this document as an example of labs to request before beginning nutritional ketosis.

Keto Diet For Bipolar Questionnaire Study

Dr. Iain Campbell and colleagues are conducting an online study to explore the experiences of people with bipolar disorder who have followed the ketogenic diet. The results will help them understand where to target further research. If you fit these criteria, please consider filling out their survey.


In the Bipolarcast video podcast, Dr. Iain Campbell and Matt Baszucki share their personal journeys using ketogenic diet to treat bipolar disorder, and they interview others who have had similar experiences. They also engage with clinicians who use nutritional ketosis to treat mental illness.