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Treating Insulin Resistance With Metformin as a Strategy to Improve Clinical Outcomes in Treatment-Resistant Bipolar Depression

In this study, Dr. Cynthia Calkin and colleagues demonstrated that treating patients with metformin, a diabetes medication, significantly improved bipolar disorder symptoms. Since metformin’s primary effect is improving liver insulin resistance, this study strongly suggests that treating insulin resistance directly improves symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.

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Ketogenic Diet for Refractory Mental Illness: A Retrospective Analysis of 31 Inpatients

In his inpatient practice, Dr. Albert Danan treated 31 patients with refractory mental illness with a ketogenic diet. Of the 28 who stayed on the diet, all had improved symptoms. More than forty percent went into clinical remission, and more than half were able to reduce their medications. This paper elucidates the power of inpatient dietary treatment for helping people with treatment-resistant serious mental illnesses.

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