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Bret Scher, MD September 11, 2023
Is Ketosis Safe? Breaking Down the Myths
Emerging evidence indicates that ketogenic therapy can help treat mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anorexia, and others. But some may question if ketogenic therapy is safe...
Bret Scher, MD September 11, 2023
What Are Metabolism and Metabolic Health, and How Do They Impact Mental Health?
Disrupted metabolism, so-called metabolic dysfunction, is a dangerous condition that has been associated with numerous medical conditions, including mental illness, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more...
Bret Scher, MD September 11, 2023
Does Keto Cause Heart Attacks? A Look at the Evidence
There’s a common belief that ketogenic therapy increases your risk of developing heart disease. But the reality is there is no such evidence...
Bret Scher, MD September 11, 2023
Breaking News: Ice Cream Is Healthy! (Or Is It…?)
Is ice cream healthy? Or has nutritional epidemiology misled us again?..
Bret Scher, MD September 11, 2023
Do You Have Insulin Resistance? Test, Don’t Guess.
Mental disorders are strongly correlated with insulin resistance. Testing for insulin resistance could be a powerful tool for improving your metabolic health and symptoms of psychiatric illness...
Bret Scher, MD September 11, 2023
Metabolic Mind: Using Metabolic Strategies to Support Mental Health
How discussing metabolic and ketogenic therapies can help manage symptoms of mental illness...
Bret Scher, MD August 14, 2023
The Connection Between Metabolic and Mental Health
An emerging connection between metabolic and mental health can change treatment paradigms for psychiatric illness...