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Hannah Warren September 11, 2023
Five Reasons I No Longer Label Myself Bipolar
And why metabolic brain dysfunction is a more accurate description...
Bret Scher, MD, Georgia Ede, MD & Matt Baszucki September 11, 2023
Tapering Psychiatric Medications on Keto: Interviews with Matt Baszucki and Dr. Georgia Ede
Anecdotal evidence and growing numbers of case reports show that ketogenic therapy can help people be well enough to consider lowering the doses and number of their medications...
Bret Scher, MD, Annette Bosworth, MD, Mary Kowalczyk and Suzi Kowalczyk September 11, 2023
Keto for Brain Health: A Dramatic Personal Journey
An inspiring story of one family using ketogenic therapy to treat dementia and eventually regain their lives..