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Keto Diet For Bipolar Questionnaire Study

Dr. Iain Campbell and colleagues are conducting an online study to explore the experiences of people with bipolar disorder who have followed the ketogenic diet. The results will help them understand where to target further research. If you fit these criteria, please consider filling out their survey.

Dr. Georgia Ede is a true pioneer in the field of Metabolic Psychiatry. On her website, she posts numerous blogs and articles that can help you better understand the utility of ketogenic diets for treating mental illness.

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Metabolic Mind YouTube

We hope our youtube page has become a go-to site for helpful, scientifically accurate information about metabolic psychiatry and the potential benefits of therapeutic nutritional ketosis. We recommend you watch our videos and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Treating Insulin Resistance With Metformin as a Strategy to Improve Clinical Outcomes in Treatment-Resistant Bipolar Depression

In this study, Dr. Cynthia Calkin and colleagues demonstrated that treating patients with metformin, a diabetes medication, significantly improved bipolar disorder symptoms. Since metformin’s primary effect is improving liver insulin resistance, this study strongly suggests that treating insulin resistance directly improves symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.

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In the Bipolarcast video podcast, Dr. Iain Campbell and Matt Baszucki share their personal journeys using ketogenic diet to treat bipolar disorder, and they interview others who have had similar experiences. They also engage with clinicians who use nutritional ketosis to treat mental illness.

Metabolic Mind Awards

In partnership with the Milken Institute’s Center for Strategic Philanthropy, the Metabolic Mind Awards were designed to honor clinicians for their work in advancing Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy for mental disorders. Award recipients reflect an international group of clinicians, advocates, and educators furthering the field of metabolic psychiatry.

Ignacio Cuaranta, MD

Asociación Psiquiatría Rosario

Dr. Cuaranta is a clinical psychiatrist in Argentina who has been using metabolic approaches to treat patients since 2015. He has contributed significantly to the field of metabolic psychiatry by engaging with the public through lectures and social media and by promoting Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy for mental health at conferences worldwide.

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Albert Danan, MD

Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier

Dr. Danan has practiced psychiatry for 35 years and has published results of his delivery of Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy to patients in his psychiatric clinic. This body of work represents the largest inpatient study of this intervention for psychiatric patients and paves the way for future pilot and randomized controlled trials.

Georgia Ede, MD

Diagnosis Diet

Dr. Ede is one of the earliest pioneers of metabolic psychiatry. In addition to using ketogenic therapies in clinical care, she has been educating the public about nutrition science, metabolism, and mental health for over a decade through her international speaking engagements, comprehensive website, and social media presence. She is also the creator of the first CME-accredited Ketogenic Diets for Mental Health clinician training program.

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Nicole Laurent, LMHC

Mental Health Keto

Ms. Laurent is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and founder of She delivers Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy to her clients with mood disorders, has undertaken post-graduate training in Nutrition and Integrative Health, and has engaged with the public through her blog, podcast appearances, and social media.

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Christopher Palmer, MD

McLean Hospital

Dr. Palmer has 20 years of experience treating patients with Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy. He has used his global lectures, website, media appearances and social media presence to raise awareness of ketogenic therapies among clinicians and the public. His upcoming book, Brain Energy, will make a case for a metabolic cause for diverse psychiatric conditions.

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Denise Potter, RDN, CSP, CDCES

Potter Dietitian Consulting

Ms. Potter is a leading dietician providing Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy across multiple neurological and metabolic conditions. In addition, she is credited with collaborating to create the Ketogenic Therapeutics Mastery courses, which have contributed to the modern framework for treating epilepsy and other psychiatric and neurological conditions using this intervention.

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Beth Zupec-Kania, RDN, CD

Ketogenic Therapies

Ms. Zupec-Kania is a registered dietitian nutritionist in the field of metabolic psychiatry and a consultant with to The Charlie Foundation. She designed KetoDietCalculator, a free resource used by nutritionists and the public, wrote educational guides on Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy for epilepsy and neurological disorders, created a training module to educate nutritionists and psychiatrists, and is a co-author on many scientific papers.

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